Lots More Community Features

Dear {subtag:name}
We have been busy adding several new features to the community, including:

  1. A forum for discussion on various topics.
  2. A blog option for each member to write their own blog.
  3. A wall like facebook to write comments and make connections with people in the community
  4. Ability to keep track of your forum entries, comments, blog entries via your user profile
  5. Several other features!

Please come and share in the community, start a blog of your journey with the Father and His Son, encourage others and connect. There are over 125 users from different parts of the world currently and growing.

New Authors Contributing

We have added several new articles from two new contributors. Terry Hill is known to many and lives in the UK. He has written extensively on the God-head and done some wonderful research. He has been gracious in letting us share 86 of his articles on God-head.com. If you get a chance please contact Terry via the site, his user name is 'terry'.

I also pleased to announce another author by the name of Gary Hullquist. Gary contacted me a few weeks ago and I was blessed to read some of his material. You will really enjoy his contributions and I am getting great feedbacl already. Gary writes from Georgia in the USA. Please give Gary feedback. His username is parakletos.


At this stage we are only displaying usernames in the community directory as some people do not wish to be too public. In the coming weeks we will make the names viewable, so if you wish to remain private then I suggest you change your name to something more generic. Names are only viewable to registered members.

The Return of Elijah

We are making the manuscript, the Return of Elijah which I wrote a little while ago available to registered members on the site. I have added several chapters already and you are welcome to read and comment.

Please come and visit the site and share your thoughts and comments. There is now plenty of ways to share.



Identity Wars Facebook Advertising Campaign

Our Advertising Campaign is going well with identity wars on facebook. We now have 640 members on the page and growing. You can become a member on this link



Recent Articles and Resources

We have added a large portion of the Maranatha Media site to God-head.com. Select Maranatha Media Resources under the Resources Menu. I enjoyed reading a Review article by R.A Underwood on the work of Christ from 1889. I really enjoy the manner in which the pioneers expound the Scriptures.

Register now www.God-head.com

1. One True God
There is one God Mark:32, Jam 2:19
There is one God, the Father 1Cor 8:6
None other God but one 1Cor 8:4
The true God 1John 5:20
The only true God John 17:3
The Ancient of Days Dan 7:14
Who has life in Himself John 5:26
Eternal, immortal, invisible 1Tim 1:17
Whom no man has seen 1Tim 6:16
There is none other but he Mark 12:32
He is unequaled Isa 40:18,25
Beside Him there is no God Isa 44:6
There is none else Isa 46:9
The only Potentate 1Tim 6:15
The Lord God omnipotent Rev 19:6
The Most High Mark 5:7
The Almighty God Gen 17:1
He is the God of all Eph 4:6
2. Real Father and Son
One Lord Jesus Christ 1Cor 8:6
He is the Word of God Rev 19:13
The Word with the Father Jn 1:1
Before the world was Jn 17:5
Eternal life with the Father 1Jn 1:2
The King?s Son Ps 72:1
Son of the living God Matt 16:15
Son of the Highest Luke 1:32
He is the Son of the Father 2Jn 1:3
The Father?s firstborn Ps 89:20-37
The beginning of His way Prov 8:22
Proceeded from the Father Jn 8:42
Was brought forth Prov 8:24,25
He came out from God Jn 16:27
Only begotten Son of God Jn 3:18
The firstbegotten of God Heb 1:6
The fruit of His body Micah 6:7
In the bosom of the Father Jn 1:18
Appointed heir of all things Heb 1:2
By inheritance Heb 1:4
Antichrist denies Father Son 1Jn 2:22.