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Recent Presentations


Date Speaker Title Notes
May 5 Adrian Ebens Heavenly Hail Stones NA
May 8 Lester Lewis The Sin of the World NA
May 8 Adrian Ebens Love Your Enemies or Kill Them Booklet
May 12 Adrian Ebens Exceeding Sorrowful Even Unto Death NA
May 15 Adrian Ebens Christ's Mission to the World Powerpoint
May 19 Adrian Ebens Jericho Powerpoint
May 22 Brandon Grach The Call of Abraham NA
May 22 Adrian Ebens Shame Depart NA
May 23 Adrian Ebens How a Thief Saved the world Notes - Word
May 23 Adrian Ebens The Blessing NA
May 23 Craig Jacobson The Lord Thinketh Upon Me NA
May 26 Adrian Ebens Dainel and the Atonement Powerpoint
May 29 Colin Nicolson The Blessing of Family NA


Date Speaker Title Notes
June 2 Adrian Ebens Indignation Against the Holy Covenant Powerpoint
June 12 Adrian Ebens The Divine Pattern of Life Powerpoint
June 12 Gavin Devlin What the Hell Powerpoint
June 16 Adrian Ebens Sabbath Vibration Powerpoint
June 26 Adrian Ebens Finding Harmony in Scripture Powerpoint
June 30 Adrian Ebens Key to the Atonement Powerpoint


Speaker Title Notes
July 10 Brandon Grach Discipline of the Merciful  
July 10 Colin Nicolson The God of H6666 Powerpoint
July 24 Colin Nicolson Parable of the Unjust Judge Powerpoint
July 24 Eddie Perez John 14 - A Simple Study  
July 28 Adrian Ebens Out of the Cities Powerpoint
July 31 Adrian Ebens Peace Amidst the Storm Notes
July 31 Adrian Ebens Divine Pattern of Reason and Emotion Vigano Letter


Speaker Title Notes
Aug 4 Adrian Ebens The Atonement and the Character of God Powerpoint
Aug 11 Adrian Ebens The Hidden Iniquity of Adam Powerpoint
Aug 14 Adrian Ebens The Nature of the Atonement Powerpoint
Aug 14 Eddie Perez John 14 - A Simple Study Part 2  
Aug 18  Adrian Ebens The Nature of Christ and the Atonement Powerpoint
Aug 25 Adrian Ebens The Use of Force Powerpoint
Aug 28 Adrian Ebens The Faith of Abraham Powerpoint
Aug 28 Lester Lewis What Does Begotten Mean in Relation to Jesus Powerpoint | Notes


Date Speaker Title Notes
Sep 8 Adrian Ebens Feast of Trumpets NA
Sep 11 Gavin Devlin Blessed ar the Peace Makers NA
Sep 11 Adrian Ebens Count in All Joy NA
Sep 18 Adrian Ebens 20 Year Identity War NA
Sep 18 Craig Jacobson Yom Kippur NA
Sep 18 Various Baptismal Testimonies NA
Sep 22-30   Tabernacles  


Date Speaker Title Notes
Oct 6 Adrian Ebens Feast Framework Powerpoint
Oct 9 Liam Irving Who am I NA
Oct 9 Adrian Ebens Gratitude NA



Date Speaker Title Notes
Nov 7 Adrian Ebens Temptation in the Wilderness NA
Nov 7 Adrian Ebens Apostasy at the Jordan and the Atonement NA
Nov 18 Adrian Ebens The Slaughter of Innocence  NA
Nov 24 Adrian Ebens Freedom of Conscience Powerpoint     
Nov 27 Adrian Ebens By Action or Permission Powerpoint
Nov 27 Craig Jacobson The Sign of Jonah NA



Date Speaker Title Notes
Dec 11 Colin Nicolson Lessons from Christ's Wilderness Experience Powerpoint | Notes
Dec 11 Gavin Devlin Jacob's Ladder Powerpoint Notes