Comments on Adrian Eben's book, The Return of Elijah

Posted Nov 12, 2013 by Rebekah Fehr in General Hits: 2,502

In 2012, Brother Adrian wrote in reference to his book, The Return of Elijah, "Ignited by the words declared at the baptism of Christ and fanned by the significance of the conflict with Satan over His Sonship, my mind exploded into an accelerated writing experience that became the book The Return of Elijah."
Last night I began reading his book, and what I thought was going to be an easy skim-and-digest experience is now obviously going to be a bite-off-a-piece-and-chew-thoroughly-before-swallowing type of experience! I've only managed to make it to page 36 so far (that's very slow progress for me since I read faster than your average bear), and my highlighters are beginning to dry up already. There are some pretty colorful pages in my copy of the book. What a blessing to my thirsty soul! My reading of the Word of God and my understanding of the relationship between the Father and His beloved Son, my Saviour, will never be the same as the issues in the great controversy and the role of the law of God become more clear and beautiful.
Thank you, Brother Adrian, for this inspired work. (And I can identify with "an accelerated writing experience" having experienced one of my own.) I have no idea what surprises await as I continue to work my way through this book, but
I can highly recommend at least the first 3 chapters!

Praise the Father for speaking to me through this book.