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Published Dec 17, 2023
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What happens to those who do not accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour? The Pioneers had much to say on this subject because they were flanked by two opposing principles. The Orthodox church which claimed that the wicked burn in hell forever and on the other side were the universalists which claimed that all will be saved.

The Adventist doctrines of the non-immortality of the soul and cleansing of the Sanctuary, the judgment, the blotting out of the book of life and the final atonement made the answer to the question of the destiny of the wicked very plain.

The subject was addressed many times. In their contests with Universalists and Eternal Torment believes, the Adventist position was honed and anchored firmly in Bible truth.

These articles have been put together as a reminder of those who went before us to lay a solid immovable platform of truth. May we build on their foundations and be saved.