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Why did Jesus have to die?

The answer to this question determines whether a person understands righteousness by faith. Did God require the Cross to pay for our sins? Did His justice require this?

 Of course the idea of a propitiation or sacrifice is that there is wrath to be appeased. But take particular notice that it is we who require the sacrifice, and not God. E.J. Waggoner, The Justice of Mercy, Present Truth UK Aug 30, 1894

Waggoner exposes the little horn power of Daniel 8 stemming from paganism and coming into Christianity when he says:

we have left the matter of reconciliation just where the Scriptures have put it; and while they have much to say about the necessity for man to be reconciled to God, they never once hint of such a thing as the necessity for God to be reconciled to man. To intimate the necessity for such a thing is to bring a grave charge against the character of God. The idea has come into the Christian Church from the Papacy, which in turn brought it from Paganism, in which the only idea of God was of a being whose wrath must be appeased by a sacrifice. E.J. Waggoner, Present Truth UK, Sept 21, 1893

In this booklet are presented three articles from E.J. Waggoner between 1893 and 1894 showing the biblical foundations of Christianity to give you a true understanding of righteousness by faith