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Author Ray Foucher
Published Mar 31, 2020
Pages 44
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Forgiveness is central to the Christian experience. Yet too often we find it so hard to forgive those who wrong us, as well as feel forgiven when we hurt others. Why is this? Could it be because of a confused relationship with our Father in Heaven, who we find difficult to believe forgives us?

How and when does God forgive us? Is he angry at us, requiring us to adequately recognize our sinfulness before forgiving us? This booklet aims to show that God is not like this - that in actuality God is always ready to forgive, if we would just let Him. The problem is not with God, it is with us in not allowing God to remove the burden off of us. A deeper study of what Jesus and the disciples taught on forgiveness allows us to be healed of our sin, just like Jesus healed people of their sicknesses.