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Published Apr 09, 2021
Written Apr 09, 2020
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On Universalism

 Is faith in this life necessary to enter into eternal life?


God is Love, so somehow He will bring all men into Eternal Life.

This is the basic underlying belief of all types of universalism. But is it what the Bible teaches? This book aims to answer this and other questions, such as:

Is there any distinction in what happens to
 believers and unbelievers at the end of time?
Are there saved and unsaved?

How do faith and free will fit into universalism?

What is the opposite of Eternal life?

Will anything be annihilated?

Does overcoming sin matter?

How does universalism relate with preaching the Gospel? With the Book of Life? With the 2nd death?
With being inside and outside of the New Jerusalem?

Does universalism spur a man into action or inaction?

What does John 3:16 mean?