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Published Jun 07, 2019
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This booklet deals with the sensitive matter regarding the claim that the 1st century disciples replaced the seventh day Sabbath (commonly, "Saturday") with the first day of the week (commonly, "Sunday") as a weekly Holy Day. In the pages within we will systematically investigate every reference to the phrase, "the first day of the week" in the New Testament while uncovering precious gems of truth as we look closely at the Greek language through Hebraic thought. So powerful is the Hebraic timing method God established for His creation in Eden that it caused a 19th century author to write: On account of the special honors God conferred upon the seventh day, he required his people to number by sevens lest they should forget their Creator who made the heavens and the earth in six days and rested on the seventh. Ellen White, Spirit of Prophecy Vol 1, p.59