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Published Sep 05, 2018
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Mary Magdalene is either a brilliant person who is right on, or she turns out to be a wild fanatic. Those “three hundred denarii” (silver coins) are a fantastic sum which she blew in just a few moments of aromatic bliss at this party. At first thought, it would seem that the “some” who didn’t like what she did were thinking clearly. Jerusalem and its suburbs were full of poor people who could have used the food or clothing that this princely sum could have purchased for them.

But Jesus saves her from a fanatic’s ignominy. He transforms her into a famous lady: never did He speak so highly of any other contemporary person! How could you ask for a higher endorsement under Heaven? This modest book has come into existence as a tiny fruition of that encomium by Jesus – her story must be proclaimed “throughout the whole world.” In fact, the sobering truth dawns on us that maybe we can’t really understand “this gospel” unless we hear and appreciate what the Bible says about this lady!