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Author Tony Pace
Narrator Anna Pace
Published Feb 05, 2018
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The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death. The question that must be asked is who pays these wages?

The majority of the Christian world believes that God will destroy the wicked, burning them in hell. The majority believe that God will burn them for eternity while a few believe that God simply turns them to ashes upon the ground. Either way, all believe that God is the one who actively inflicts death and destruction upon the wicked Himself.

What does the Bible reveal on this subject? If God does the final killing of the wicked why are we told that Satan has the power of death in Hebrews 2:14? If God tells us in the commandments “thou shalt not kill” and Christians believe that it is the Spirit of God that dwells in the heart of the Christian then how can God kill and this character trait not be present in the heart of the believer? And if we are changed to what we behold, what will we become if we behold God as putting Billions of people to death?

We invite you to carefully consider these questions as you read this booklet.