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Published Mar 24, 2016
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What about the Feasts?
Good question.
This booklet answers the following questions:

Are the Statutes required for us to keep today?
What are included in the Statutes?
Do the feasts contain moral principles?
Must we keep the Statutes to be saved?
Why do we keep some of the Statutes but not all?
Are the Feasts part of the sacrificial system?
Is the seventh-day Sabbath a statute or a feast of the Lord?
How many Sabbaths are there?
What is the Sabbath blessing?
Why do we keep one of the Sabbaths but not all?
Did God cause the feasts to cease?
How many laws are there?
Were any laws abolished at the cross?
What was nailed to the cross?
Are the feasts shadows or types that end with the antitype?
Should Christians keep the feasts?
Will we keep the feasts in heaven or the new earth?

Written by Gary Hullquist and Adrian Ebens