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Published Dec 06, 2018
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"I am the resurrection and the life." In our knowledge of Christ and His love the kingdom of God is placed in the midst of us. Christ is revealed to us in sermons and chanted to us in songs. The spiritual banquet is set before us in rich abundance. The wedding garment, provided at infinite cost, is freely offered to every soul. By the messengers of God are presented to us the righteousness of Christ, justification by faith, the exceeding great and precious promises of God's word, free access to the Father by Christ, the comfort of the Spirit, the well-grounded assurance of eternal life in the kingdom of God. What could God do for us that He has not done in providing the great supper, the heavenly banquet? COL 317

You are invited to this kingdom, this precious place revealed in Christ and freely open to every man, woman and child. This kingdom does not come with outward observation for it is a spiritual kingdom spoken with a still small voice. By nature man is deaf, blind and resistive of this kingdom but in the face of Jesus Christ it is opened to us. Will you come to the heavenly Banquet?