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Published Apr 11, 2019
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It has become quite plain that the correct understanding of the sequence of the First Angel’s Message holds the key to the fall of Babylon and the exposure of the toxicity of her wine. This First Angel does not simply have any gospel but rather the everlasting gospel and those who receive it will not only sing the song of the Lamb but also the song of Moses for within the everlasting gospel this is the same song. The assurance of such a gospel draws us to the conclusion that what Christ revealed on earth in His character as completely non-violent is the same yesterday, today and forever and such a revelation causes us to give glory to Him. With a revelation of this character in Christ we then are enabled to partake in the hour of judgment and Judge God as Holy and merciful and just. This will open our hearts to rest in Him “that made heaven and earth and the seas and fountains of waters” and worship Him in love and truth.

Seventh-day Adventists have been proclaiming the Third Angel’s Message since 1844 but without a full understanding of the character of God this message produced a subdued expression in the Second Angel delivered at that time. The key that gives power to the Third Angel’s Message is the glorious light of the revelation of God’s character of Love. (See Christ’s Object Lessons Page 415). The gateway to receiving this key was in the hands of the begotten Son and the truth of the everlasting covenant given in 1888 by elders Waggoner and Jones.