Maranatha Media
Published Mar 29, 2023
Pages 175
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How did everything begin? Why is there sin, pain and sadness in the world? Who is God, and does He really care about us? This book seeks to answer these questions. It tells the story of God’s dealings with His people from the beginning of time right until the end of the life of Moses. Yet these stories cannot be understood in their full light unless they are read through the lens of the life of Jesus, who is the perfect image of the Father in character.

It is our prayer that through this book, our precious children will understand and see a clear picture of an ever-merciful, loving Father who only seeks to bless and restore His children. God’s character and the everlasting covenant (known as the new covenant) that He has made with His children is the ever-present theme of this book. We pray that this volume will help you and your children to get to know, more deeply, our loving Father and His Son.