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Narrator Anna Pace
Published Feb 14, 2017
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At a time when I was going through a deep personal crisis, I began to search specifically for quotes from Ellen G. White on God's love and care to comfort me. I collected them and over some time they became more and more.

I read in my collection every day and prayed that God would show me His Love, His character and His kingdom. My weak prayers were lovingly answered and gradually my dark sensations, my fears, my sadness were superseded and replaced by feelings of happiness, deep joy and peace.

Even today I often read from this collection and these texts always give me consolation and confidence and lead me to know deeper and deeper the heart of my heavenly Father who loves me (and you!) so much, that He gave His most precious for us, His only begotten Son.

May you also be blessed while reading.

Jutta Deichsel