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Published Jan 02, 2016
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When Christ requested His Father to glorify His name, the Father replied that He had glorified it and He will glorify it again. When God spoke, some thought it had thundered and yet others thought an angel spoke to Christ.

When we ponder the subject of the plagues of Egypt many say that it thundered but in the light of the gospel there is a sweet angelic voice preaching to us the cross of Christ. The gospel was preached to Israel as well us to us. Heb 4:2

Through His work of mediation, Christ had long pleaded for the people of Egypt. He stood in the ever widening gap of apostasy until finally the demands of the destroyer had to be granted. In the sorrowful slaughter of Egypt we hear echoes of the Saviour’s footsteps towards the cross. In the lifting up of the serpent rod the character of the destroyer was revealed as was also the selfless love of God and His Son. Truly all men are drawn to Christ in this light.

Look beyond the thunder, the hail and blood and see herein a portrait of the suffering Son of God wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our iniquities.