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Published Dec 17, 2022
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Who really drowned the Egyptian army in the Red Sea? Why were the Egyptians permitted to follow the Children of Israel into the sea? Why didn’t the sea close in behind the Children of Israel as they crossed, providing a natural barrier to the Egyptians? Why did Pharoah, his army and his horses all lose their lives in the Red Sea?

There are many perplexing questions about the Red Sea crossing for those who believe, or want to believe, in the loving character of God. Others see swift and sure divine justice in the destruction of Pharoah and the Egyptian army.

Does the drowning of the Egyptian army reveal what is in the heart of God towards unrepentant sinners, or does it reveal what is in our hearts towards those who abuse and mistreat God’s people? Does it perhaps reveal what we think should be done to those who directly and unfairly mistreat us or those we love?

This book seeks to provide answers to these questions by looking at Exodus 14 through the lens of the life of the Son of God, who came to reveal the true character of His Father and who did no harm to anyone.

If you have ever wondered what really happened at the Red Sea, this book is for you.

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