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Published Feb 14, 2020
Written Feb 14, 2020
Last Updated May 27, 2020
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In the past 200 years, mankind's relationship with nature has transformed dramatically after proceeding relatively unchanged for millenia. Man has made remarkable progress, and life in 2020 is full of daily miracles that would astound and overwhelm people of a prior age.

But hovering over all the development is the feeling that it is unsustainable, that it all is bound to collapse.  Evidence keeps arising which seems to point out our worst fears. How did we come to this unique point in human history? What does the future hold in store for us? Are there lessons from our past that can give us insight into the predicament of the present?

The two authors of this book were haunted by this gnagging anxiety over the future and the feeling that they were missing certain pieces of the puzzle that were extraordinarily significant. It can be painful to investigate your own preconceptions and belief systems, but it brings healing if done with sincere goodwill and love for your fellow man. May their journey encourage you in yours.

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