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Author Nina Snyman
Published Jun 15, 2020
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During the years 2010 to 2017 the Lord has guided our family through an Exodus experience: First we discovered the 10 Commandments in Ex. 20, by learning about the amazing teaching within the Adventist Church, which we joined. The undiscovered truths of the Old Testament (Ex. 21 – 24) led us to a changed lifestyle of temperance in, for example, our eating habits. My husband’s studies of the Bible led us to the precious truths of the revelation of Jesus Christ, the Son of the only true God, as found in the Sanctuary (Ex. 25 – 31, Joh.17:3), followed by a Golden Calf experience (Ex. 32) which led the way to the wonderful revelation of the character of God Himself in Ex. 33-34.