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Published Mar 19, 2016
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Updated Aug 6, 2018

At the birth of Adventism after it’s foundations had been laid, part of the material used to build on the foundation was the wood and straw of Augustine’s false covenant theology. Using these false glasses the Advent movement built a wall around two key Bible texts found in Galatians 3:19-24 and Colossians 2:16,17.

The Lord sent a most precious message through elders Jones and Waggoner to burn us this stubble and wood that was blocking the completion of the Adventist message under the power of the Latter Rain.

Through the inspiration of Satan, the cry went out in desperation to stand by the landmarks and defend the law in Galatians according a dispensational view of the covenants. Even though this teaching was not a landmark several Adventist leaders bound themselves to this idol and determined to go to the grave with it.

Shall we learn the sad lessons of this history and use the covenant key given to Waggoner to complete the work of the Adventist movement? It has been just on 120 years since Christ was made bitterly disappointed at the reject of this most precious message. We are being given another opportunity to enter the land with the visitation of this iniquity being completed to the third and fourth generation. Let us go up and possess this promised land!