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Author Adrian Ebens
Published Apr 24, 2024
Pages 242
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The PDF attached here is only an intro to the complete book. You can obtain the complete book from the author directly.


Our loving Father bestowed two precious institutions upon us in Eden which have continued to this day. The first was marriage, and it was immediately followed by the Sabbath. Christ is the Lord of the Sabbath, and this rest in the Sabbath is His possession by His dwelling in the bosom of God the Father in perfect peace. Man and woman were made in the image of God and His Son. Therefore, Marriage is the source from which perfect rest came to Eve, through her resting in the bosom of her husband, who rested in the bosom of Christ.

The Spirit of Prophecy tells us that every divine institution will be restored before the Second Coming. This most certainly includes Sabbath and Marriage.

Within the Father of Love movement we have seen a wonderful shift in our understanding of the Sabbath and the Feasts as special gifts of the Spirit of God. It has transformed completely the Sabbath institution. Now we turn to marriage which has had no significant change in 500 years since the time of the Reformation. Rather we have seen the deterioration of marriage, especially over the last 50 years.

This book is a call to restore of the true purpose of marriage in the light of the Atonement, and the ever-present Cross. The content is potentially challenging as all reforms are, but the onward advance of truth ensures a rich reward for those who are determined to stand solely upon the Word of God.