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Author Adrian Ebens
Narrator Adrian Ebens
Published Sep 12, 2020
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“So what has Chronos, the three headed serpent, done to the begotten Son?  We're talking about a mind trick that Satan has pulled on the human race.  What has he done to Adventism.  He has stormed the very citadel of the Adventist system of theology and gone in and crucified Christ in the minds of the Advent people.  How did he do it?  He did it by saying if Christ was born in eternity, which is for me time going on forever, then there was a time when Christ did not exist and this cannot be.  Therefore, because it cannot be, the begotten Son was destroyed, was annihilated.  Either one way or the other.  Because either he's created or he never came forth.  It only leaves those two options.  Chronos is the one who does this.   Aion Chronos.  Time going on forever annihilates the begotten Son in eternity because humanity pushes itself through the curtain of eternity when the Bible says you cannot do it.  But man in his arrogance storms the most holy place grasping the pagan concept of Chronos.  Chronos enters the most holy place and murders the Son of God.  Do you see it.  This is why we've lost the begotten Son in Adventism.  He's been murdered by Chronos.”