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Published Sep 05, 2016
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Updated Jan 7, 2019

The sacrificial system with its animal sacrifices and meat and drink offerings all point to the life giving grace of Jesus through His work on the cross and His mediation in heaven for us.

The question arises what is the significance of all the weights and measures of flour and oil and quantities of animals? If all these events simply point to the death of Jesus 2000 years ago then how can each of these animal and meat offerings vary at each religious gathering? What does this mean?

Are there lessons for us in these sacrifices and offerings that we might not have considered?

The law is the gospel embodied, and the gospel is the law unfolded. The law is the root, the gospel is the fragrant blossom and fruit which it bears. The Old Testament sheds light upon the New, and the New upon the Old. Each is a revelation of the glory of God in Christ. Both present truths that will continually reveal new depths of meaning to the earnest seeker. Truth in Christ and through Christ is measureless. The student of Scripture looks, as it were, into a fountain that deepens and broadens as he gazes into its depths. COL 128

May we learn more of the gospel through the light found in the Old Testament. Let us from the source and deepen our joy in the gospel of Christ