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Author Adrian Ebens
Published Dec 20, 2020
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During 2017, the reality of our loving Father who does not take the life of His children was cemented in the production of the book Agape at the end of that year.

The thought that began to trouble me is that if God does not kill His children, then how can He condemn them to death in the judgment. It was while I was in Talking Rock in the summer of 2018 that the reality of the judgment dawned upon me. If at the Cross, the Father assumed the character of a Judge divesting Himself of the endearing qualities of a Father, TM 245.2 then did this assumption carry through into the investigative judgment of 1844?

I suddenly saw the person described in Daniel seven sitting on the throne, was what I had imagined God to be; one who judges and condemns His enemies to death. But the Father showed me that this was actually my thinking. He showed me that His ways were not my ways and my thoughts were not His thoughts.

I wept for days as I thought about how I had wrongly judged our Father as a condemning judge of wilful sinners. I saw myself as the condemning one and I felt the need of repentance and still do.

It was shortly after this I found confirmation from a dear author that had blessed me so many times in the past. Robert Wieland. In one of his dial daily bread emails. I read the following from him.

The Father Himself refuses to condemn you (see John 5:22). Jesus also refused to condemn anyone in that day (see John 12:47, 48). Therefore the only "condemnation" will come from what is written of "the things done in the body," a record that is indisputable, recorded not only in the "books" of heaven, but in your own soul as well. Jesus won't have to say a word; the "book" will be open. Paul says, "Some men's sins are clearly evident, proceeding them to judgment, but those of some men follow later" (1 Tim. 5:24)

This was the confirmation I needed to begin to piece together the meaning of the investigative judgment. Over the year of 2019, I prayerfully was granted to put together the scene of the judgment in an 1888 context. The light is glorious. A series of sermons done at Waterford in Australia with my beloved family there, was the source which enabled me to present the following presentation at Talking Rock in late December of 2019.

It was a delight to be with several of my beloved friends from the USA as we worked through this message together. Towards the end of the presentation, some became aware that this was glorious light from heaven and a taste of the 4th Angels light that will lighten the earth with its glory.

This presentation was expanded and written into the book As You Judge[3] in May and June of 2020.

The joy of this light I cannot truly express to you. To know the veracity of the Word of Jesus “My Father Judges No Man” John 5:22 and “I Judge No man” John 8:15 is so liberating and presents to us in clear lines what is the seal of God, what the character that we are to receive.

The trumpet is beginning to sound. Awake to the light dear brethren, grasp the significance of this moment and plead for the Spirit of Father that condemns and destroys no one.

In faith, hope and love

Adrian Ebens
December 20, 2020