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Author Adrian Ebens
Narrator Adrian Ebens
Published Oct 04, 2019
Last Updated Apr 01, 2020
Pages 176
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Adam was faced with a decision when his wife brought the forbidden fruit to him. In choosing to follow her and eating the fruit he rejected his Maker. Who now would be his source of comfort? Eve was given to Adam to be a helper. Could she help him endure the terrible change in relationship Adam now sustained to God? How did the fall of man change the marriage relation? What affect did it have on the gift of sexuality and the directive to be fruitful and multiply?

The dramatic rise in porn through means of the internet and the focus on sexual fantasy provides still more evidence of men and women seeking an elusive comfort in sex. The book of Romans provides a clear sequence of descent into destruction when humanity turns from the true character of God and seeks pleasure, comfort, and fulfilment in sex outside of its original design.

What is God’s purpose for sex in the marriage relation? What is the biblical response to the rise of same sex marriage? What does a person do in the case of divorce or remarriage? These are some of the questions addressed in this book. 

Feedback to Comforter:
Sexuality at the End of Time ('Comforter' Reflection)
A Completely Fresh Point of View
This book is honest and transparent in dealing with sexual issues
This is an important book for all Christian couples
A Unique book that will help everyone in their relationships