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Genesis Three Series

Presented: Apr 08, 2020 - Apr 11, 2020
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An expression of sadness came over the face of Adam. He appeared astonished and alarmed. To the words of Eve he replied that this must be the foe against whom they had been warned; and by the divine sentence she must die. In answer she urged him to eat, repeating the words of the serpent, that they should not surely die. She reasoned that this must be true, for she felt no evidence of God's displeasure, but on the contrary realized a delicious, exhilarating influence, thrilling every faculty with new life, such, she imagined, as inspired the heavenly messengers. {PP 56.1}

Presented: Apr 08, 2020

When God explained to Adam about the promised seed through the woman and the problems that would arise for him through the fall Adam turned to the woman and called her the Life Source. He should have immediately believed God and it would have been counted for righteousness like it was with Abraham. Gen 15:6. The naming of Eve as Life source was a denial of the gospel promise and this brought great suffering to Christ and manifested in the sacrificial process to reveal this.

Presented: Apr 09, 2020

This study considers the link between Adam being driven out of the garden and Christ driving the people of of the temple John 2:15. Also looks at why God stated that Adam had become like them to know good and evil according to Ezek 14:4

Presentation starts at 22:45

Presented: Apr 11, 2020