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Published Mar 05, 2016
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For over 120 years the Church of Christ has been search for her beloved after He knocked on the door between 1888 and 1895/96. Since that time the church has had countless meetings and prayer sessions in order to reignite the promised gift of the Holy Spirit
in Pentecostal power.

We have looked and high and low for the precious gift of the Spirit of Christ not realising that He has been there waiting all along. In the gift of the Sabbath, Christ is waiting to give Himself fully to His bride.

The bride’s longing for her Groom has been stifled by an incorrect understanding of the law and the covenants. When the church accepts the law in all its fullness then the law will fully enter and sin will fully abound so that in that very place grace will fully much more abound through the seal of God manifested in the Sabbath. As Jones expresses it at the height of the 1888 message:

For what purpose was all this done? Why was the Sabbath made? [Congregation: "For man."] It was made for man. Well then, God rested and put His spiritual rest upon the day for man, did He? [Congregation: "Yes."] God's refreshing, His rejoicing in that day was for man. The blessing with which He blessed it was for man. The holiness which His presence brought to it and which His presence gave to it, was for man. His presence sanctifying it was for man. Well then was it not that man through the Sabbath might be a partaker of His presence and be made acquainted by living experience with the spiritual rest of God, the spiritual blessing, the holiness, the presence of God to make holy, the presence of God to sanctify him? Is not that what God intended the Sabbath to bring to man? Well, the man who gets all that in the Sabbath is the man who is a Sabbath-keeper. And he knows it too. He knows it and he is delighted to know it. A.T. Jones Sermon 20, March 2, 1893