Acts of our Gentle God

Acts of Our Gentle God presents compelling evidence from the Bible to exonerate God of the charges that he is uncaring, judgmental, controlling, unfair, bad-tempered, or violent. The book demonstrates that the entire Bible, correctly understood, is in harmony with the definitive statement God is love (1 John 4:8).


In this volume is found the culmination of a sixteen year search for light on these questions. The journey began when I was reminiscing about the birth of my first son. I thought on the moment I first held him in my arms and the deep sense of love I felt for him. To have a taste of such divine emotions brought me into an encounter with God that impressed upon me the thought that the feelings I had for my son were an expression of God’s love for His Son and consequently His earth born children.

God is Love

Elder Fifield reveals the tender love of a Father and  the spiritual nature of the law, atonement and plan of salvation.

God's Last Message of Love 4.2

This series of studies is designed to teach someone the Three Angels messages of the Bible. Each study is based around a chart that allows each subject to be presented visually. 

It contains a collection of 55 charts, 34 studies and training manual and is Fully illustrated.

This resources is used by many Bible students around the world to share the gospel. It took several years to develop this resource and now is freely available for you to download

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Gospel in Galatians - E.J Waggoner

This was a ground breaking document in understanding the everlasting gospel. It contains a response to George Bulter's presentation on the law in Galatians. The logic sequence of this document is vital to grasping the core issues in the 1888 conflict. The booklet takes effort to digest and grasp its central themes but the rewards are great. I highly recommend this book.

Identity Wars

 Identity Wars is a journey of self-discovery. It is an invitation to learn of your value in a purely relational context.

Our lives are bombarded with a constant drone of messages telling us that success only comes from proving to ourselves and the world that we have what it takes, that we have the right stuff. It is a system that teaches us to only feel valuable and important when we achieve and perform to a certain standard. The results of this system are in and the evidence is not good. Millions are depressed and 100's of people a day ending their lives in despair.

I invite you to learn the true nature of the war we are in - an identity war of what defines our value and worth. The stakes are high because it is life and death. This book contains my journey and the principles I learnt along the way. Freedom is a relative thing but this book documents my road to freedom.

Adrian Ebens

Key to Empower the Third Angel's Message

It has become quite plain that the correct understanding of the sequence of the First Angel’s Message holds the key to the fall of Babylon and the exposure of the toxicity of her wine. This First Angel does not simply have any gospel but rather the everlasting gospel and those who receive it will not only sing the song of the Lamb but also the song of Moses for within the everlasting gospel this is the same song. The assurance of such a gospel draws us to the conclusion that what Christ revealed on earth in His character as completely non-violent is the same yesterday, today and forever and such a revelation causes us to give glory to Him. With a revelation of this character in Christ we then are enabled to partake in the hour of judgment and Judge God as Holy and merciful and just. This will open our hearts to rest in Him “that made heaven and earth and the seas and fountains of waters” and worship Him in love and truth.

Knocking at the Door

When will the last sermon on the Laodicean message be preached that will result in action that fulfills the "counsel" given by the True Witness?

Life Matters

Deep in the heart of each human being is the need to feel secure in their sense of worth. Everything we do in life is influenced by our beliefs in where our value comes from. In this book, you’ll find the Biblical view of where our worth comes from, with a focus on the role that family relationships play when it comes to establishing our sense of value. You’ll be taken on journey along the history of humanity to learn the contrast between God’s family kingdom, where each member is secure in their sense of worth, and Satan’s family kingdom, where each individual strives to secure their own sense of worth. The insights from this book are bound to change your life, as they provide clarity on your own family relationships, and a clearer understanding of God and His Son.

Medicine For Your Soul

At a time when I was going through a deep personal crisis, I began to search specifically for quotes from Ellen G. White on God's love and care to comfort me. I collected them and over some time they became more and more.

My Beloved

With echoes of the Sanctuary, Song of Solomon and Pilgrim's Progress, trace one man's journey through obstacle, trial and challenge, to discover, sell all, and fall in love with Jesus, the Son of the Father.

Our Merciful Loving Father

Ellen White prayed these beautiful words

Oh God, I can do nothing. I hang my helpless soul on Thee, Jesus Christ my Saviour. Put Thy grace into my heart. Attract my mind from my weakness to Thy almighty strength, from my ignorance to Thy eternal wisdom, from my frailty to Thy enduring might. Give me correct views of the great plan of redemption. Let me see and understand what Christ is to me, and that my heart, soul, mind, and strength are bought with a price. Christ has imparted to me that I may impart to others. Lift up my soul; strengthen and enlighten my mind that I may comprehend more clearly the character of God as revealed in Jesus Christ, that I may know that it is my privilege to be a partaker of the divine nature. The great and eternal power of God fills my mind with awe, and sometimes even terror.... May I indeed look upon Jesus, full of goodness and compassion and love, and behold the Lord God, and call Him by the endearing name of Father. The deep struggles of my own soul against temptations, the earnest longings of my mind and heart to know God and Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, and to have assurance, peace, and rest in their love, lead me to desire every day to be where the beams of the Sun of Righteousness can shine upon me. Our High Calling Page 146

As you read and meditate on the themes in this book may it become our prayer as well.

Paul Penno's Calvary at Sinai

An excellent little book explaining the central issues in the 1888 controversy within the Adventist Movement.

The subject of the covenants plays a central role in understanding righteousness by faith. When the covenants are understood as personal experiences texts like Rom 5:20 open up to a clearer understanding of how the law of God is indeed our school master to bring us to Christ.

Every thoughtful Christian needs to read and understand the contents of this book.

Removing the Pillar

A history of how the Trinity was introduced to the Seventh-day Adventist Church by Margaretha Tierney

Source Book

Compiled by Margaretha Tierney

An excellent collection of quotes from Scripture, Spirit of Prophecy and Adventist Pioneers on the Father and Son and the Plan of Salvation

The Divine Pattern

This book was originally written to address the specific situation of the church community. How does a person deal with personal conviction that leads in a different direction to the leaders of that community? The western mind is trained to think in a completely egalitarian way and takes no thought as to how leaders should be approached except with suspision and contempt. This book reveals Biblical principles of how to appeal to authority in the church and avoid the curses that come to all those who seek the short and easy path in dealing with such matters.

The Legacy

The Legacy bequeathed by the Father to His Son reveals the true essence of sin, the core meaning of the great conflict between Christ and Satan, and clears out the way of the faith to God's covenant promises. Every believer in the Son is a joint heir to the Legacy,
which in the Beloved, benefits us with „all things that pertain unto life and godliness“.

The Return of Elijah

The Return of Elijah is taken from Malachi 4:5,6

Mal 4:5-6  Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:  (6)  And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

The turning of hearts within families suggests the coming of a message that will restore the relational structures of families. Positions of headhip and submission are clearly understood and for each person in the family and what is the basis of this transformation? Fear God and give glory to Him. In the worship of the true God is the key to family and community transformation.

This book was written to the leadership of the Seventh-day Adventist church in Australia with an earnest desire to show that the foundations of our movement were not laid in gross darkness but in blazing light.


A carefully documented history of the the doctrinal war of the Begotten Son that began in heaven and then came to Christianity and the the Adventist Church.

The book is in five parts and presented in Magazine format. I highly recommend this volume.

Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing

The Sermon on the Mount is Heaven's benediction to the world--a voice from the throne of God. 

We Have Inherited Lies

There is a prophecy found in the 16th chapter of the book of Jeremiah that all Christians should know. It foretells of the Gentiles who come fro the ends of the earth in repentance towards God saying, "Our fathers have inherited lies."