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Dealing with current issues in the Adventist Church

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1Report on IIWO Donors Meeting about Gary Kent DismissalAdrian EbensMay 27, 20171205
2Record Announcement Regarding Dismissal of Gary KentAdrian EbensMay 22, 2017484
3Letter from It is Written Partners Regarding Dismissal of Pr Gary KentAdrian EbensMay 19, 2017984
4It Is Written Letter of Dismissal Concerning Gary KentAdrian EbensMay 19, 2017613
5Begotten Son Antidote to Laodicean ConditionAdrian EbensOct 10, 2016392
6Fragmentation of Philadephia Or My Confession and ApologyAdrian EbensJan 19, 2016617
7Tell the World Movie - A Union of Israel and Moab - Urgent AppealAdrian EbensSep 04, 20154366
8Roan Mountain ReportAdrian EbensOct 01, 20148703
9A Joint Statement of Brotherly Love by David Clayton and Adrian EbensAdrian EbensJan 14, 20141624
10More Rebellion in the CampLorelle EbensOct 28, 20133869
11Doug Batchelor- the TrinityBobbie BeckSep 07, 20133018
12French Review openly rejects literal six day creation - againMarc FuryAug 11, 20132676
13Letter to Ty Gibson Regarding the Trinity & His ResponseFrank KlinJun 30, 20133305
14Appeal to Pr Doug Batchelor Regarding the TrinityAdrian EbensJun 21, 20134700
15God is Still Working Within and For His ChurchCristina MendozaJun 07, 2013321
16Whidden, Wieland and Waggoner on the AtonementAdrian EbensFeb 16, 20132048
17Sharp language in our discussionsAdrian ZaranskiJan 04, 20132895
18Huge White Dove Appears over Carter Mission in PNGAdrian EbensDec 16, 20122089
19An Appeal to Pastor Dwight Nelson (Romanian)Dejan AndovApr 25, 20122021
20A very firm statement from President Wilson on the TrinityAdrian EbensMar 28, 20122427
21Appeal to Pastor Dwight NelsonAdrian EbensMar 24, 20124595
22A study about "Babylon"Adrian ZaranskiFeb 10, 20123642
233 Believers in the Fiery FurnaceFrank KlinJan 29, 20123036
24The Lunar Sabbath: Lost Ancient Truth? or Modern Invention?Frank KlinJan 25, 20125408
25Our Letter to Local Church Members on the Trinity Sabbath School LessonPhilip GarberJan 06, 20125538
26Some Early Adventists Struggled With the Trinity DoctrineFrank KlinDec 31, 20115811
27SDA’s 28 Fundamental Beliefs for 2012 (edited, corrected, and clarified).Bobby BNov 10, 20116552
28UnfellowshipGary HullquistOct 13, 20118115
29Babylon is Not the Seventh-Day Adventist ChurchFrank KlinSep 22, 20115867
30President Wilson's Counsel on Non-SDA SpeakersSusan SwayzeAug 10, 20115702
31Private Independence and the General ConferenceGary HullquistFeb 28, 20115985
32A Response to David Asscherick on the TrinityAdrian EbensDec 25, 201017851
33My prayer for Pr Ted WilsonAdrian EbensOct 15, 20107638
34The Alpha and the Omega of Deadly Heresies in Seventh Day AdventismRussell UnterschultzAug 27, 20109563
35Reply to Glyn ParfittBobby BJul 13, 20105452
36The Corporeality of God: Adventism and MormonismBobby BJun 29, 20104259
37Reply to Max Hatton's Question about the TrinityBobby BJun 15, 20104434
38The Godhead of Adventism or Mormonism?Bobby BJun 14, 20103761