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Meeting with an Electricity Salesman

Posted Mar 20, 2012 by Adrian Ebens in Testimonies and Stories
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I just had to share another little blessing from our Father in heaven today.

I was so thankful to be able to share the gospel with 4 young people on Sabbath. This morning I knelt down and asked again for an opporutnity to share. I so much want others to know the sweet peace that I have found in Jesus.

Just this afternoon, I had a knock at the door from an Electricity salesman. He was of Indian background and greeted me warmly. In the past I would have moved as fast as I could to turn such people away. I think like most people, I have a natural aversion to those who come to the door trying to take my money!

Since I had prayed this morning for the opporutnity to share something, I immediately thought, here is my opportunity. So rather than turn him away, I invited him in with a warm smile! We started to chat and I found out that he represented the electricity company that had treated me badly in the past. Despite this, I felt the need to listen and chat and be friendly and not stop him in his sales presentation. I mentioned about my experience with the company and he asked if I had the previous electricty bills so he could see them. He helped explain some of the reasons why I had been charged so much and explained some other things as well. In the end the prices were not as good as what I currently had, but because he had taken the time to explain something to me, I had the chance to thank him.

Just as we finished and we moved to the door, I produced a copy of Identity Wars and said "I would like to give you this to say thanks for helping me." He then asked about my occupation and I told him I was an author/presenter and publisher. He seemed quite open, looked at the cover and saw the subtitle "The road to freedom" and he seemed to like what he read. If you read this, please remember this nice young indian electricity salesman.

My morning prayer helped change my heart towards salesman, not to see them merely as men seeking my money, but as souls that need to be saved.

Dear heavenly Father, I pray that you will help this young man to read this book and that it will lead him to know you and your Son. In Jesus name I pray, amen.