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20) Gospel Lost & Restored Part 1

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Added May 29, 2016


AIM: To show how the gospel was lost from the patriarchs in Egypt and regained when God delivered His people from Egypt.

To show that the Sanctuary system given to Moses was a copy or shadow of the what was in Heaven  

To establish an Old Testament example of what occurred to the Christian Church.

Outline: God gave to Adam and Eve the symbols of the altar and the lamb to represent to work of Jesus. In the last chart The Two Paths we saw how Cain altered the system of worship. It is Satan’s constant desire to cause people to misunderstand the gospel message. In this chart we see how the gospel message was lost while in Egypt. God brought Israel out of Egypt and gave them a very detailed system of the plan of salvation through the Sanctuary service. The main aspects were the law, the priest, the lamb and the Sanctuary furniture. This system was a copy or shadow of the heavenly Sanctuary.