Experiences That Cannot Be Bought or Sold

Posted Jun 16, 2012 by Borislav Subotin in General Hits: 2,212

My dear brothers and sisters,

I want to share with you in short, how I and my wife began to spread the truth about God and His Son in the churches in our areas here.

I met with this beautiful truth almost 12 years ago. After a long study of these topics from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy I felt a call from God that I was ready to announce publicly this truth in the churches, and after a good review of myself and deep prayers for this I started to do.

For this great truth I was speaking from the beginning and some believers accepted this before but I never spoke fully and publicly in the church. In the church I began to speak publicly about God two years ago, but I must admit to you, I am very sorry for hesitating to speak publicly about this for a long time and now I feel shame because of that.

 In our local church we have about 60 believers who are coming to church, but on paper there are about 150 believers who are baptized.

We started in this way. First I prayed to God that He send me to honest people in the church who would understand this. I knew He could lead me. In my opinion, I personally could not find in my mind many people who would understand this. The church was cold and people looked like they were immersed in some formalist form of behavior of everything they did with God, but I understand that only God knows the hearts of people and I do not. I collected some written materials about this truth from the Bible, the Spirit of prophecy and history of our church and I began to share to brothers and sisters in the church.

First I chose one brother who was deep in thoughts about the things of God and asked him to read it and to tell me when he finished what he thought about it. After 2 days he called me on the phone and all thrilled he told me: “ Brother Boris, thank, you , thank you for this! 2 days I read this and I… and I could not sleep because of this. This is one great truth, and this is very important to understand. I need to better explain this to my family and we need to tell all the people in the church of this. People live in ignorance of this great truth!”

I cannot explain to you how I felt this day. All his family, three of them now believe the truth.
After that this encouraged me even more and I gave this material to three other people in the church. On my surprise, all three accepted this and they rejected the trinity lie! But I knew also that they now need to be established in this great truth.

Four of us who believe in the truth about God were now constantly talking about this and I shared this material about God, his only-begotten Son and the Spirit of God with five more in the church.
Imagine my reaction when all five of them told me, one by one, that this is wonderful truth and that we need to tell to others also! There were many questions, but God is great and He led all.

Now there were nine more believers. Then we all agreed to seek the wisdom from God to move on. I could not stop and I have given this material about God to 13 more people and twelve of them have accepted the truth. One person rejected it andhe began to make trouble for us. This all happened in a period of two weeks. Now nothing could stop this truth and we fought together (some more some less) to talk even more, wherever God opened the door to us. In the meantime we encouraged each other when problems occured and it has brought great blessing to all of us. Many believers are spiritually awakened when they understood this great truth about God, and it mobilizes them to take more care for their spiritual health now and more carefully study the Bible and Ellen White writings. They all received new strength.

Many pastors have come to defend the trinity. There have been many threats from some pastors but as they talked more about the trinity and we were telling the truth about God we had a few more people who understood and they accepted the truth.

In the meantime I have sent materials to other places and through the internet we have more believers who have rejected the lie of the trinity. We also have here a lot of smaller churches in the villages that are around us and we have the real fighters for the truth for God and His Son. This truth becomes more and more higher and those who are sincere believers are increasingly accepting the truth.

Many pastors wanted to exclude us from the church immediately but so far no one has done this.
My wife and I are now fighting for the truth to shine to many people in this world through our Bible work with them and we need prayers also for them. All of them do not believe in trinity with whom we are working now but some pastors are fighting against us and against our work with our friends. But all this is in God’s hands and we are not afraid.

We learned a great thing that when we go to God with all our hearts, without looking at the people around us and how will other people respond, through all of us God can be celebrated and through that we can we have experiences that cannot be bought or sold. If all of us are brave with our Father and be humble in front of Him and in front of people and pray for wisdom from God He will do GREAT THINGS for others.

May God bless us all and we all need to be brave with Him. Jesus will come very soon and He has many good ways for people in the church and people in this world to knowing the truths with the eternal values.

May God guide us all and teach us all furthermore.

Brother Boris