Steer Me Back to the Straight and Narrow

Posted Jul 15, 2013 by Sisi Kong in General Hits: 2,919
Just lost control of my car while trying to turn a corner on Cane Rd in Murwillumbah. The road was slippery from the rain and I must have been aquaplaning when I turned because I found myself driving towards a pole on the side of the road and unable to steer myself away from it. A split second later I felt the steering wheel swerve to the right (without any force on my part) and I was driving straight on the road again, having narrowly missed the pole.
I had to sit in the middle of the intersection for a minute as the danger and peril sank in and I realised what grateful to God for a truly miraculous experience tonight - if He hadn't been with me I would have gone straight into that pole! It also served as a sobering reminder that when my life gets a little out of control that's the best time for Jesus to take over and steer me back to the straight and narrow.