Teach Us How We May Be One

Posted Jul 14, 2012 by Ronald Baragona in Worship of True God Hits: 5,586

Dear brethren,

God is so wonderful for granting us the Sabbath day.  Just awhile ago, it was such a wonderful singing the song, "Like Jesus" - Adventist Hymnal #492 -  for our closing hymn during the hour of worship.  Its a comfort to know that hymns like this are still found in our hymnbooks.  Notice the 4th stanza.  Got this from AH website

Like Jesus

Verse 1

Teach, me, Father, what to say;
Teach me, Father, how to pray;
Teach me all along the way
How to be like Jesus.


I would be like Jesus,
I would be like Jesus!
Help me, Lord, to daily grow
More and more like Jesus!

Verse 2

Teach me as the days go by,
Teach me not to reason why,
Teach me that to do and die,
Is to be like Jesus.

Verse 3

Teach me that the time is short,
Teach me how to live and work,
Teach me that to never shirk
Is to be like Jesus.

Verse 4

Teach me how we may be one,
Like the Father and the Son;

And when all is overcome,
I will be like Jesus.

Happy Sabbath Everyone!