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The Tale of Two Crowns!

Posted Apr 10, 2013 by Diana Garber in General
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I so love having wonderful analogies come to my mind.

This past Sabbath, I managed to break--I was flossing at the time--my lower left back molar on the inside--worst possible place to break! I went in yesterday to my dentist to get it prepped for a permanent crown, and what an ordeal that was. I was 2 hours in the chair while he built the tooth up. filed, sanded, scraped, and who knows what all else! He fitted and refitted the temp. crown, then I was finally able to leave.

This morning it dawned on me. There is another crown that I am waiting for--my eternal one. While here on this earth, I am also being fitted for it. God so lovingly allows trials and tribulations to come to me to remove the dross in my life. I am chiseled, filed, built up in some places, taken down in others.

Oh, that I will be willing to be fully fitted each and every day for that crown! May I truly be able to say that, indeed, heaven is cheap enough! May we each be able to say that!