Why your friends cannot understand

Posted Sep 13, 2011 by Evelyn Ebens in General Hits: 5,022

WHY your friends cannot understand

Have you ever wondered  WHY you can see the truth about the Father and the Son, and some of your  friends or relatives  do not?

I have just been reading a book,  'The Future Minds' by Richard Watson, which  warns how modern digital  education can 'dumbdown' the mind. Our 'screenagers' are so dependant upon the 'internet highway' for  factual knowledge, that they will lose the ability to actually think for themselves.

This is not the answer  for you, though is it? Scientists, have been studying the thought  pro-cesses of the human mind for decades, and  this is what  they discovered!

The human mind is HARDWIRED to RESIST any NEW ideas or facts, contrary to what they already believe to be true. In fact, people are SO FEARFUL of the 'unfamiliar'...that 'animal instincts' take over! Especially if their 'vested' interest are threatened!

We are creatures of HABIT and comfortable with habitual thought. We stack our knowledge sometimes in a very organized fashion, resting in the comfort that we  know all we need to know, on that particular subject.

Economics professor, W. Baumol, points out,'education can thwart acceptance of NEW ideas, because, education indocrinates individuals to respect only...

'the given EXPERT thinking of ANY given field.'

Isaac Newton stated-'If I have seen further--it is by standing on the shoulders of the knowledgeable giants. One must first climb up their backs.The greater the body of knowledge, (VIPs)the more difficult this climb becomes.'   Evelyn

1Cor. 1:20      ...where is the disputer of this world? Hath not GOD made foolish-the wisdom                                  of this world?