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Author: Adrian Ebens
Published: Apr 13, 2011
Written: Mar 13, 2009
Downloads: 7,909

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Updated June 12, 2019

Deep in the heart of each human being is the need to feel secure in their sense of worth. Everything we do in life is influenced by our beliefs in where our value comes from. In this book, you’ll find the Biblical view of where our worth comes from, with a focus on the role that family relationships play when it comes to establishing our sense of value. You’ll be taken on journey along the history of humanity to learn the contrast between God’s family kingdom, where each member is secure in their sense of worth, and Satan’s kingdom, where each individual strives to secure their own sense of worth. The insights from this book are bound to change your life, as they provide clarity on your own family relationships, and a clearer understanding of God and His Son.

Discover the secret of successful relationships. Trace the origin of the cause of so much sorrow and pain in our relationships and explore the relational freedom that comes from walking in the ways of God.