Last Day Events

Last day Events related to the worship controversy between the Babylon and the Remnant of God

Rev 14:9  And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

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1Reclaiming Sunday in PolandTony PaceNov 30, 2017684
2Brexit could bring collapse of Western civilisationAdrian EbensJun 19, 20161009
3Vote all you want. The secret government won’t change - Boston GlobeAdrian EbensApr 10, 2016877
4Russian Patriach Kirill travels to Antarctica After meeting with Pope FrancisAdrian EbensMar 16, 20161145
5First time in history: Patriarch Kirill meets Pope FrancisAdrian EbensMar 16, 2016808
6Pope Francis' prayer to unite all religionsAdrian EbensJan 11, 2016858
7The Eastern Question. A Prophecy RevitalisedAdrian EbensDec 01, 2015740
8Seven Trumpets, King of the North and the Eastern QuestionAdrian EbensNov 30, 20152307
9Ben Carson Under FireAdrian EbensNov 26, 2015998
10America officially no longer Christian.Michael NicksonFeb 15, 20153706
11The little time of peaceViktor HorvathJul 05, 20145567
12A Call for Catholics and Protestants to UniteAdrian EbensMar 06, 20142821
13Soon Coming of the False MessiahAdrian EbensJan 11, 20142017
14The Science and Song of the UniverseStefan SkucyNov 12, 20132814
15Vesture Dipped in BloodGeorge KerrSep 26, 20133547
16National Back to Church Sunday - Sept 15Borislav SubotinSep 05, 20132988
17Friday & Saturdays as weekends for the ArabsRonald BaragonaJun 24, 20133153
18So This is What Happened in the End: Turkana Project UpdateJonathan OttoJun 19, 20122981
19Pattern of TruthObert MerchantMay 09, 20123453
20Ezekiel 9 - It Must be ImportantColin NicolsonFeb 01, 20125263
21Sunday LawBana PuruAug 04, 20116802
22Judgments Coming on the Cities of the WorldAdrian EbensMay 09, 20117480