Advent Audio

Jones and Waggoner Books in Audio mp3. Plus other audio resources

Atheist to the Christian God

What is God really like?

Behold the Lamb

Ministry of Ruben Olschewsky

Character of God

Website by Ray Foucher on the character of God

Ellen White Audio

Several Ellen Books available in audio format

Father of Love

A collection of books and materials that reveal that our Father in heaven is revealed in the life of His Son. He holy, harmless and keeps His own commandments which tell us "Thou shalt not kill."

Father of Love - Afrikaans

Afrikaans website of Father of Love

Father of Love - Arabic

Father of Love - Bulgaria

Bulgarian website of Father of Love

Father of love - France

Father of Love Website for France

Father of Love - Germany

German Website of Father of Love

Father of Love - Indonesia

Father of Love - Portuguese

Father of Love - Russia

Father of Love - Serbia

Serbian Website of Father of Love

Father of Love - Spanish

Spanish Website of Father of Love

Father of Love - Thailand

Life Matters

A comprehensive presentation of the relationship value system as introduced in the book Identity Wars

Learn the Bible and Christian History of the war and triumph of establishing a channel of blessing within the family, church and community. Learn the simple joy and peace of learning, you are my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.

Maranatha Media

A large collection of Books, studies, charts and images for download

Maranatha Media - Bulgaria

Maranatha Media - China

Maranatha Media - Czech Republic

Maranatha Media - France

Maranatha Media - Germany

Maranatha Media - India

Maranatha Media - Kenya

Maranatha Media - Netherlands

Maranatha Media - Romania

Maranatha Media - Russia

Maranatha Media - Serbia

Maranatha Media - South Africa

Maranatha Media - Spanish

Morning Star

Website for Marc and Elisabeth Fury. French Website


The company that built this website

One God One Lord

Resources on the Father and Son

Rome's Challenge

Why do Protestants keep Sunday? The Church of Rome challenges people to show any proof that Sunday worship is supported by the Bible.

Talking Rock Sabbath Chapel

Website run by Gary and Carolyn Hullquist.

White Estate Digital Resource Centre

A great resource containing Document Files and resources from the White Estate. Very Helpful resource

Writings of Ellen White

Search all of Ellen White's writings. A very helpful resource