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WI-Fried - Cancer Risk with Wi-Fi and Mobile Phones show video ▼hide video ▲

Could WiFi-enabled devices be harmful to our health? You cannot see it or hear it but Wi-Fi blankets our homes, our schools and our cities. Australia's safety agency says there's no evidence of harm, but that's not the same as saying its safe. A growing number of scientists are concerned that the widespread use of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-enabled devices could be slowly making us sick.

Presented: Feb 16, 2016

Jesus Teachings and the Great Controversy show video ▼hide video ▲

Sabbath School Lesson No. 7, First Quarter 2016 presented by Gary Hullquist featuring the Sabbath rests, the parable of the sower, and building on the Rock.

Presented: Feb 13, 2016
Presenter: Gary Hullquist

Six Risks that God Took show video ▼hide video ▲

A small insight into the risk the Father took to save humanity. What a cost! The more we understand the risk the more we will appreciate the value humanity is worth. He gave all to redeem all. May it touch your heart as it did mine

Presenter: Tony Milekic

The Importance of Message Sequence show video ▼hide video ▲

This provides an overview of the message and putting the pieces together

Presented: May 11, 2016
Presenter: Adrian Ebens

SDA Womens Ordination Crisis show video ▼hide video ▲

At the General Conference Session of Seventh-day Adventists this year a vote will be taken to allow individual divisions to decide for themselves whether or not to Ordain women as pastors. This video supports Pr Batchelor and Pr Bohr's appeal not to do this and also appeals for consistency regarding the Father and Son as revealed in the Bible. It also appeals to remember Ted Wilson's opening address to the Church in 2010.

Presented: Jun 09, 2015
Presenter: Adrian Ebens

No Guile in their mouth show video ▼hide video ▲

On the problem of jesting, kidding, joking and other forms of deception at the 2013 Tabernacles Camp Meeting.

Presented: Oct 22, 2013
Presenter: Adrian Ebens

Tell the World Movie - A Union of Israel and Moab - Urgent Appeal show video ▼hide video ▲

The Adventist Church is just about to release (in about 2 weeks) a new movie about the Adventist pioneers. The movie cost approx $6 million to produce.

Specific details about movie at 36:50

The company hired to do the actual production is called Zed filmworks. This group specialize in horror and thriller movies. They claim to have selected the cast and crew. The woman who played Ellen White played the role of some form of she wolf and her bio page shows her in a demon possessed state

The film she did after playing Ellen White is this immoral film

Can Christ and Belial work together? Can light and darkness be in harmony. Can the seed of Israel be birthed in the womb of Moab? Could Abraham give his seed to an Egyptian to produce an heir? Cast out the bond woman and her son.

Appeal to all those in responsible positions to stop this film. May our appeals be made with heartfelt urgency and care for our people while maintaining respect for leaders. If people involved in violent immoral and demonic MA15 and R rated movies are playing in this film then Satan can claim this film as his his just as much as the church can. The enemy birthed this film and therefore it is much his child and that of the church. Beware.

These actors are just doing their job and I am sure they acted very well but should the church engage these people to represent our pioneers? This is apostasy at the Jordan. Right at the gates when the Pope will speak in the US congress, the church releases a film made by people that play whores, murderers and demons. Shall we see greater abominations than these? - Movie details

Movie report

2 Cor 6:14  Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Presented: Sep 02, 2015
Presenter: Adrian Ebens