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28 Fundamentals not to be used for Discipline

Posted Nov 06, 2011 by Adrian Ebens in Disfellowship Process
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In my discussions with the Church, I raised the question of whether it was right for the church to use the 28 Fundamentals as a basis of discipline. It was assured me that any discipline by the church must be carried out based in the Bible. Please note the following correspondence to that effect.


Nov 15, 2009

Dear [Conference President]

Please find attached a letter for the Exec meeting on Tuesday the 17th concerning my ordination.

If you could present my letter to the committee, I would be most appreciative. I also request a copy of the resolution that the committee concludes concerning my position.

I have copied in [the Division Field Secretary] due to a reference to a statement he made in conversations we had together last year.

In that respect [Division Field Secretary], if you could verify that I understood you correctly and also whether you were able to follow through on your suggestion that you would write to the presidents concerning the use of the fundamentals in disciplinary actions.

I am praying for your wisdom [Conference President] in dealing with this situation

Best Wishes




Wahroonga, November 16, 2009

Dear Adrian,

Thank you for copying me in on this email. Let me hurry to ascertain that I did not forget my promise to remind the Presidents of the proper procedure in relation to church discipline and disfellowship.

At the meeting in the SPD Presidents Council immediately following our conversation, I had a presentation to the presidents in Australia and New Zealand, and I strongly underlined that such discipline when being performed for reasons of faith and doctrine, is to use the Bible as its reference. I am sure that the message was heard and agreed on. That will of course not always preclude some local churches from getting in wrong.

In regard to your present situation, it is of course not a matter of church discipline, but a matter of whether you are able to stay loyal in teaching and preaching to what the corporate church has expressed as its beliefs and supported with biblical arguments. It is a matter of ministerial license, not discipline.

God bless,


Field Secretary

Director of Biblical Research

South Pacific Division