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A Blessing Received on the Feast of Tabernacles

Posted Oct 26, 2015 by Adrian Ebens in Testimonies and Stories
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Our Father in heaven loves to bless His children. One of the most sublime gifts is the sweet presence of God that comes to us in a special way during the Sabbath hours. Our Father magnified His desire to bless through the Sabbath in His special annual Sabbaths. These are special seasons of refreshing with a promise that He will contniue to bless in this way forever, for they will be a precious statute forever throughout our generations. Lev 23:31; 41.

Last month a group of us met together in Brisbane to receive the promise of God through the Sabbath blessing found in the feast of Tabernacles. This is a special time to draw close to our Father through His beloved Son and receive His words of love for us. During the Seventh day Sabbath of the feast of tabernacles, we invited any who wished to come forward for a special prayer of blessing. Several came forward into the channel of blessing to hear their Father speak to them. This is the testimony of one sister who came forward to be blessed.

Testimony of blessings received during the Feast of Tabernacles Oct 3, 2015

The gift which my heavenly Father caused me to receive on this occasion was to share His love for me. Up till then I “knew” this as most Christians but did not have a consistent response to what it  meant. In retrospect I now know He was moving me in a direction of His infinite ever unfolding love.

After the blessing given through Adrian and two elders, I knelt and prayed tearfully and lingered in the sanctuary with those who chose to stay and quietly pray. At first I had no idea where the tears were coming from …an overwhelming sense of grief and gratitude perhaps. Tissues were passed around. Eventually I struggled to get up and as I moved a few paces a hand of an elderly brother who I had never met before reached out to me. He softly reassured me with words that I am loved by a Father that has never left me. This I know was another one of God's blessings sent to penetrate the fog of my mind.

After Sabbath, that same evening, a sister who also received a blessing gave me a glowing smile and we both understood something had changed and felt it tangibly. I so much wanted this to be permanent and authentic. The Lord later impressed me that a relationship was inside me – God and His Son, both dwelling in me, instilling the qualities of His Kingdom.

On returning home, I tried to make sense of it in my usual way by writing down some new understandings. Submission was the key but what kind? By being co-heirs with Christ in the channel of blessing of the Father with the Son. Only in this channel of blessing would I be free of guilt, shame, inferiority, competitiveness, anger, hatred and jealousy. I could see more clearly the slippery path of obedience and submission. I noticed a subtle reluctance to obey, a resistance to rest patiently to seek His will. Instead I would do what I thought would please Him. I was rocked with the length and breadth of this ever so subtle evil within. It paralyzed me with intense physical and emotional pain for a day. I had to just lay in bed thinking there is nothing I can do except wait for Jesus.

Eventually I realized the struggle with self-will can only be overcome by embracing a love so great for the Father that we desire nothing else. That of course can only originate from Him and be sustained by Him through His Son. Having true adoration and worship of the Father with no trace of fear of shame, inferiority, control or anger (which sums up all my resistance!).

Father,  I am the apple of Your eye..Oh Thank You.. make me see You as such in kind… to make You the apple of mine eye  through Your Son who is the only One who truly knows You and worships You and adores You…Thank You!

I am so grateful to all the saints who made Tabernacles possible at Waterford. There is much to be said where two or more are gathered in My Name let alone at His appointed and anointed times which glorify our heavenly family and truly brings to our home the great plan of salvation.

The blessing at the time of Tabernacles has caused a definite shift in my thinking about my relationship with my heavenly Father. I sensed a healing in my mind that has cleared a fog from me so that has given me a stronger sense of connection to my heavenly Father through Christ Jesus.

May we all be truly be blessed as one family in the relationships we have because of Theirs, in our Lord Jesus’ precious Name!

End of Testimony.

There are many who are fearful to come under the influence of the feasts. it is true that some people become obsessed with details and rituals and appear to lose the purpose of such occasions, but for those who truly believe that the Father loves to bless His children at special times, there is nothing but joy, peace and love in the Spirit.

Certainly, Satan would not wish people to receive these blessings and would wish to create strife and angst in the hearts of many to prevent them from receiving these special times. How sad that many are not able to free themselves from these fears and receive the Sabbath more fully, which is Christ more fully as He promised. Yet we rejoice for the growing number of souls who are losing their fear and seeing that our Father only intended to bless His children in all ages and that when He uses the word feast, it does not mean famine. God means what He says and what a blessing that is!