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A family relationship !

Posted Jul 06, 2012 by Marc Fury in General
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"Search ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you" (Mt. 6:33).

My dear brothers and sisters around the world,

God is my Father. Jesus, is His only begotten Son from the days of eternity. Jesus is my Brother. God and Jesus are my family. God and Jesus are your family. We are of the same breath, we love to commune in their Holy Spirit. These reasons are sufficient for me to desire a closer relation with you, and that's why I write you these words. There is a beautiful Advent family around the world, and I feel so privileged to be a part of this despised little band of believers.

Some of you I already personally know. I'd like to greet you by your name. First of all, Elisabeth, my dear wife, i'm so happy to know that you are a part of this Advent family. Then, there are Josué and Daniel, my two sons, 8 and 7 years old. You are so precious to my heart. I want you both to be in heaven. Every day, we read the Bible together as a family, and we sing beautiful hymns. I know you will grow and I pray each day that you'll make the right choices in life.

Yes, in the relational kingdom of God, my wife and children have rightfully the first place in my heart. Then, I think to my parents. You raised me in the SDA church, and this means a lot to me. I know my recent discoveries about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been difficult to deal with for you. But I'll keep praying for you every day. Of course, it is hard, since your first born son is an ordained SDA minister, and the younger one has chosen another way. He keeps telling that there is only one God. He keeps telling that Jesus is not the only true God Himself, but that He is His only begotten Son. And that's not enough. He preaches that the Holy Spirit is the breath of spiritual life in the soul. (DA p. 805) Yes, this is not comfortable, I know. But I love you, and thus, I cannot keep this to myself, and want to share this treasure !

And you, Matthew, my dear brother by the link of blood. I love you to. Will you read this testimony ? I know you love God. You want to serve Him with all your heart. My position is a thorn in your flesh, but you're still willing to consider me a Seventh Day Adventist. Your younger brother seems to have caught a new idea, that he will not let go of. And that's exactly the case ! God forbid that I will ever renounce to my faith in the only true God, and His only begotten Son, for this is life eternal ! May not only you, but the whole SDA denomination believe in God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ !

Then, I am privileged to know you, Pr. Allen. Your book, "The Foundation of Our Faith" has been such a blessing ! It has been my privilege to translate it into French in 2007 and 2008. Since then, it has blessed hundreds of French speaking SDA believers. We have organized seminars together, and even travelled several weeks together ! What a blessing ! Thanks for inviting me at your camp meeting in 2010, along with Br. Nader Mansour, Br Mauricio, Br. Elvis, Br. Morgan, and so many other precious souls. I will never forget this time at the General Conference, where we surrendered to scorn and rejection to share the precious truth.

What shall I say ? The flow of love from God our Father overwhelms my heart, as I see all the channels he is providing to keep in touch with me. Not further than yesterday, we had the privilege to share together at the phone with you Br. Adrian. Your blessing means so much to my wife and I. Your book "The Return of Elijah" has been such a tremendous blessing, that we've decided to translate it into French, even though we know all the hard work it represents for having done it before ! But praise God, chapter eight is now translated, I think it was the longest chapter of the book ! :)

For those of you who wonder what we're doing in life, Elisabeth and I have no regular job since we bought our country house by faith in 2010. As we prayed, God opened the way for us to buy our home and to move there, with our ministry as the only activity to develop. And God has been faithful all the way. He has sent his manna every month, providing for our family and for paying the house faithfully. By experience, we can say that the verse "Search ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you" (Mt. 6:33) is true. Since 2006, we publish a magazine called "Etoile du Matin" (Morning Star), and we have organized several seminars in southern France and near Paris. Not once have we asked any subscription fees, and God has generously provided for the printing and the sending of our magazines.

Yet France is hard ground. The work is growing slowly under serious pressure. We have currently 150 addresses. It is just a small number. But God doesn't look for big numbers, He looks for big hearts ! Hearts filled with His love for souls. There is currently a non-trinitarian group of SDA believers in France, which is the greatest reward we could ever dream for. God is so good. All around, we have seen believers take their stand for the truth. There has even been some quite known and respected men who took their stand. To God be the glory !

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May God richly bless you !