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A Rainbow of Promise

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rainbow around the moonIt was a night not unlike many other nights, I couldn't sleep. It was about 3:00 am, I was tossing and turning, pain in my body and anxiety in my mind. Will I make it? Will I be part of the 144,000? I am far from perfect, so much to overcome. I couldn't lay there any longer so I went out onto the patio and sat down and stared up into the night sky. The moon was full and very bright and as I sat and looked at the moon, my thoughts were on the Creator of this heavenly orb. When appearing before my eyes was a rainbow, encircling the moon. As I watched, it became brighter and brighter and wider and wider, the colors were marvelous. I began to think I was just seeing things, how could a rainbow appear at night? I blinked my eyes several times, It was real. I ran inside and woke my daughter," You have to see this" I exclaimed. We hurried to the porch and looked up in the sky, but it was almost gone, She had caught a glimse of it as it disappeared and we were sad that she missed such a glorious sight. Back to bed she went, and to the computer I went, I had to know, did anyone else see this? Has any one ever seen this before? What did it mean????
I went to Google and typed in "rainbow around the moon." It's called a Lunar Corona, and is caused from the form of ice crystals in the atmosphere with the reflection of the sun at just the right angle. It is said to happen often but is rarely seen by human eyes, and it means that rain is coming. How special I felt and blessed to have witnessed this rarely seen phenomenon and I fell asleep with the promise of rain.
The next morning when I awoke, as usual I went out to sit on the backyard patio swing and as I stepped ouside I saw a dove perched on the fence about eight feet in front of me. He just sat there looking at me and I at him and I remembered the rainbow and thought of Noah. The sky was beautiful not a cloud in sight, hummm, I thought, I thought we would have rain today. As the day passed on I thought often of the rainbow and the dove then at about 6pm the sky opened up with a downpour, the backyard was flooded. I contemplated the events, the rainbow, the dove, the rain. Again I thought of Noah and realized the events were backwards, for Noah it was the rain, the dove and the rainbow. I felt there was something special about this as the rainbow is a promise. And the rainbow around the moon is a promise of the rain to come. Could this be the promise of the latter rain? On days when I feel "I'm just not good enough" I think of the rainbow and the promise.