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A Solid Platform - A Response

Posted Nov 06, 2010 by Oliver Saade in Midnight Cry (Loud Voice)
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Note: Please refer first to the article A Solid Platform written by Adrian Ebens for a clearer understanding of the subject of which this is a response.

“This mischievous practice was brought into the church, almost as soon as the Apostles had left the world.  The converts from heathenism seemed intent on uniting heathen philosophy with christianity.  Hence they must find an abundance of mysteries in the Scriptures: and the practice of allegorizing, i.e. making the language to contain something that does not appear in the words, commenced and generally prevailed, before the third century.  This was done, doubtless, with a view to lead heathen philosophers to embrace christianity, as affording them a fruitful field for their researches.  But it led the church astray into the wild fields of conjecture; and every lively imagination could find hidden wonders in the Bible; while the plain literal meaning of the text was disregarded.  That fatal practice increased from age to age, till the simplicity of the gospel was totally eclipsed, and the obscuration has not wholly disappeared to this day. George Storrs, On the Enquiry Is there Immortality in Sin and Suffering. Page 131

As we were about to journey to New Bedford, a special message came from Sister M. for me to come and relate what the Lord had shown me. Brother Nichols took my sister and myself to the house where quite a number were collected. There were individuals present whom I had been shown were strong fanatics. They dealt in a human or Satanic influence, and called it the spirit of God. I had not seen them before with my natural eyes, yet their countenances were familiar; for their errors and corrupting influence had been shown me, and I felt forbidden to relate my vision in such a company. There were some present that we loved; but they had been led away in this deception. The leading ones considered this a favorable opportunity to exert their influence over me, and cause me to yield to their views.

“I knew their only object was to mangle the visions, spiritualize away their literal meaning, throw a Satanic influence upon me, and call it the power of God. {LS88 229.2}

It’s so easy to fall away into such spiritualistic views, to even read  or hear of these things and think oh well the church currently is in trouble or maybe not but if so well God will deliver us, and yet fail to see how deadly it is to give room to or be part of this error. It is so easy to have a satanic influence and think to be perfectly fine, to even fight against spiritualistic views and misunderstand what it all means and truly is. A loss of the plain and simple Thus says the Lord as found in the Word is a great blow to the Church.

How deadly has it been for the church to have imbibed in this wine to make many only see shallowly, gloss over deep yet simple and plain truth because of our drunkenness , look for spiritualistic views and unknowingly allow Satan to fill in the emptiness and give us a semblance of communion with God. The unfortunate part of this satanic influence is, one will always think they are still in right standing with God.

I must admit the whole seriousness of the issue dawned upon me when I read this statement by Ellen White “throw a Satanic influence upon me" I know about the inroads of spiritualism but until now the whole weight of it, a true understanding of it, what it means for the church to imbibe in it, its seriousness and effects had not yet been revealed and the true import of having a literal view of the Bible is only now dawning on me. It beggars my imagination that one can be a “great” teacher or preacher or prophet for that matter and yet may have  been lured in to such a system and still think himself to be doing the work of God.

How easy it could have been for Ellen White to allow herself to enter into this and rendered all the blessing the church has received to naught if she had allowed a false influence to come over her to “mangle the visions, spiritualize away their literal meaning.” It seems to me that many in our day have fallen to this influence and we also easily could.

This article is not meant to point fingers at individuals but to highlight an important point for which we all need to seriously consider. What better testimony is there than to admit ones errors and that there could be a possibility that we ourselves as a church may have allowed a satanic influence into our camps and that we also could be wrong. In the sight of God, when we think we are right, we are wrong. It is not embarrassing confess in such a true church community, on the contrary it will be an unforgettable testimony to our children and for which they will follow. Admitting that we have or can go wrong along the way is rather the true testimony that we have the Spirit of God and the beginning of taking this “deadly wine” out for good. It will be health to us and our children.

It takes God to deliver us and when His deliverance comes, it comes with a true view of Him.  In Him is found the true beginning of all things and for one to know what is true, we must first go to the source. His deliverance comes with His way, His truth and His life that man may no longer glory  in his own wisdom, follow the trails of death and exalt his own misconceptions. It comes with a solid platform which was given the Apostles, Ellen White and the faithful men and women of their time.

Lord what is the use of revival; True repentance is only based on the truth, not man’s own teachings, skill or cleverness or ability to pray humble prayers or present the word eloquently or speak about revival or preach revival. All this is only a deception and a strong satanic influence, a wine of Babylon, a doctrine of devils and nothing to you and not of you. True revival can only come from you Heavenly Father so I ask that turn us away from the false kinds of repentance and revivals which we have sought and back to the True Word. I do not fear Lord to say that I have been wrong, I have spiritualized your plain Word, I have complicated you word and presented mine as simple and understandable, I have fought in favor of my notions, backed it up, have not admitted my wrongs when your Spirit gently spoke to me because I was too drunk to listen. I have tolerated that which is a false foundation and platform, and in it all sought revival that I may only thrive in this lie; sinning and yet wanting to eat of you tree of life. Lord your Life trail can never be broken, help me to see it in your word, help me to retrace my steps back to you. Let me see how the first lie was introduced and why, what has Satan sought to do and how He has sought to do it, out of all which confusion thrives. I cannot convince men and have not the ability to, but Lord when you come on the scene no one can deny, your Church will return to truth. Forgive me Lord for this sin. How blind have I been to be part of a make believe Christianity. Bring true revival, a revival of truth; and when I see this truth Lord I will be changed. Lord let me see You. Father let me begin to see truly; let me see your Son, your Son is the truth which Satan from the beginning of his rebellion has sought to hide and now from me.  Half truth is but a lie. Father I am wrong and you are right.

Oh that the true reading of the Word may be revived and appreciated and the false wine cast out, the deep things seen that the Life trail could be truly seen again and that we may follow on faithfully.