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I wanted to share with you a wonderful testimony on how God is distributing Agape through me :)

On my way home from church as I'm about to turn onto the highway I see a hitchhiker with a skateboard and backpack. What's odd to me is I see his holding his thumb out but then also waving to the cars passing him by..I'm now praying as I'm waiting for the light to change; "Lord, do I pick him up? Can I be a blessing?" 

My heart filled with love and compassion as I knew there was blessing ahead... The young man (maybe early 30's) was very amiable and polite as he eagerly introduced himself as Ryan and was heading all the way up island - and he immediately asks me where I was coming from and where I was headed. This stared the conversation about Saturday church and potluck. Not desiring this opportunity to be about me so much - I asked him about "why he was going up island".

He explained he was taking a 'time out'. Needed to get some things sorted in his mind, in his life...sort of at a crossroads. He booked 2 weeks off.  He's a small business owner in Portland Oregon (USA) . The past 18 years he has built tri-cycle pedicabs and then branched out into many various business using the pedicabs. Now wanting to travel carbon free (yeah, just his skateboard and hitchhiking) to visit some family and friends he has up island and in northern BC, really loving the nature and the ability to get out of the city to think.

Portland Oregon has been rife with street activists and I asked him "what's really going on?", just to see his perspective...  Spoke about the USA political narrative and his 'accepted' guilt of being a "privileged white man", and the great injustice done to black slaves and indigenous Indians, capitalism is bad , and things are just so messed up in the USA...

These intense topics allowed me to share some incite on my perspective on the character of God - and that how these divisive  tactics are successful in crushing out any love for others, because they might not be/think/believe as we do. This only leads to disaster.

Our ride was only about 20 minutes, and I went an extra distance to just get more insight. As I dropped him off in a parking lot I asked if I could give him a book - he quickly responded" "Perfect!!!! I was thinking just before you picked me up that I should have bought myself a book as I expect I will have plenty of time to read as I travel".  

I took the time to explain why I wanted to give him this special book. I explained the term Agape and how it differed from the fillio and eros. He got it - he understood. Wanting to prepare his heart to see our heavenly Father in a new way I ventured to share some common ideas about God destroying and the seemingly contradictatory statement "if you've seen me you've seen the Father".  WOW!!!!! Ryan opened up. He shared his Sunday school understanding of being raised in a Presbyterian church and he was quite knowledgeable with the bible stories and quotes I referenced. There were tears in his eyes as we spoke of judgement, how I believe our Father 'judges no man', but leaves judgement to the Son, and yet we see how Jesus dispenses judgement - with mercy. I spoke how God has worked in my life to free me from judging others and the constant judgement and condemnation I placed upon myself...I could forgive others, but not myself. His eyes were red/damp and filled with emotion as he spoke how he needed to 'get away' and sort things in his mind as he simply cannot forgive himself....

Ryan had prayed the night before that God would put people in his path that would help give him the light he needed - to know which direction his life needed to take. I hugged this young man as if he was my son and encouraged him with the words "God loves you, not for anything you can be/do for Him, but because you are His son. He loves you enough to send His Son to die for you, He has NO desire to hurt/ harm or punish you. He wants to heal you, show you something better. Give you life, and life more abundantly..." 

Oh, we must have chatted another 20 minutes. He poured out his heart and stated that I was an answer to his prayers. I was the 'sermon' he needed to hear.... 

He wept, we hugged goodbye and he gave me his business card asking me to email him in a couple of weeks. I left Ryan with joy in his heart and my heart was OVERJOYED and abounding in LOVE and THANKFULNESS!!! 

THIS IS WHY I WANT TO BE A COLPORTER!!!! The daily petty troubles vanished from my mind. My heart enlarged once more to TRUST in Jesus....He will guide my feet to those that need Him.

WHAT A PRIVILEGE! WHAT A JOY! To be a willing instrument for the Lord. Surely, His cross is light. I have no burden, but the burden of souls who sit in darkness - they might perish if not for His sure Word of salvation and life.