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Avoiding the Breach in the Hedge

Posted Jul 07, 2017 by Carlos A. Hernández in Testimonies and Stories
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Blessings dear family!
Sometimes it is difficult for me to share my experiences with others because people can be judgmental about the experiences of others (at least I’ve been judgmental about the experiences of others). But I feel free to express my experiences in this forum, for they confirm what we’ve been learning through the Bible during the last couple of years.

Two nights ago I dreamed I was at the place I grew up and surrounded by family and relatives, and I was staying at my parents’ house (in the dream). It was day time, and as it became darker and the night came some relatives came to me scared saying that something or someone was tormenting them. I tried to calm them down as I said that everything would be alright, but they kept insisting for me to look through the window for they believed that it was a demon tormenting them. As I looked through the window I saw a white Minotaur outside; though I was calmed and felt protected I prayed that God would take out that demon from that place. And suddenly I saw that men arrived and put chains around the Minotaur and took it captive. But when the demon was almost out from that place he became loosed and came back to frighten the same relatives. And I would pray again asking for protection, and men would appear to take out the Minotaur, but the same happened again, he would come back again. And I prayed: Father, why is this happening? And I heard a voice saying: this demon gets invited to other people’s lives through Hollywood, Movies, Music, Gaming and the World of Entertainment. As I prayed again for protection the demon was taken away, and I explained to my relatives what was loosening the demon. Many accepted the warning but others said that it was not their fault. After that I went back to sleep (in the dream), and I opened my eyes and I saw someone’s shadow by the window, and it was some relatives frightened because the demon was looking after them again, and I said to them: I already told you what is opening the breach, and they said: we know, but please pray for us so it may go away.

After that I woke up with my heart burdened, but seeing a confirmation of what the Lord had impressed me with a few years ago when He told me to destroy every idol in my life. After that I started to see in my life victory over sin, and many truths have transformed my life since that day. Sports was a difficult one for me to give up, but understanding the Relational Kingdom of our Father led me to realize that the spirit in competition (proving by performance which one is better) is not from God. I’ve been blessed that my wife has fallowed me every step of the way, and I pray the Lord continues to cleanse our lives from any other thing not authored by Him that would open the breach for the enemy. It has been a process, but I’ve seen God’s blessings all the way. A friend of mine said to me: I’m afraid to give up all that and live a boring life. As I said to him I say now to all of you: to exchange all the pride of this world with its wrath and filthiness, for the joy of knowing the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He sent, and have fellowship with them every day, it’s so worth it.