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Blessed by Heart of the 1888 Message Sermon

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As I look back on it I can see the hand of providence guiding me to this truth. This fellow who was new to the church, whom I had befriended was always asking questions and something that was troubling him was how God could become a man and still be God so in my own searches I came across a transcript of the sermon Heart of the 1888 Message and upon reading it I realized that this had the answers to my friends (and my own) queries in respect to the Godhood and manhood of Christ as revealed in Hebrews ch's one and two and I was also impressed with how it brought out the idea that what the Father said in Matthew 3:17 encompasses all of us who believe in His Son. Now looking back on it, this sermon as a whole brought me so much closer to my Savior because it made me realize how much like me He really was/is and also led me to search out more of Jones and Waggoners materials which eventually led me to the wonderful truth of our Father and His Son. I also thought it strange how no one knew about or were unwilling to talk about these two authors who were so prominent in the early church, this was the innocence of my youth as a Christian being about twelve months old as a Christian and eager to learn all I could about Jesus. So I thank you for that sermon Adrian, that by using it to help someone else it ended up helping me and leading to where I am today which is joyful in the truth. Praise our Lord. Amen


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