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Don’t stop me! I’m on a mission

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Last night, the beginning of the Feast of Trumpets, I was blessed to be able to watch Adrian’s live - streamed message. With my wife being out for the afternoon and early evening, I was home alone and freely able to excitedly proclaim out loud from time to time my customary, “Preach it, Brother!” and "Amen!” So much of what Adrian preaches I can identify with. The theme discussed was Judgment; how God judges, but more particular how we, as fallen human beings, can so easily and readily judge others. Something we don’t easily and readily confess to!

Perhaps three quarters of the way through Adrian’s presentation, and whilst pondering deeply about how prone I might be to judging others, my dear wife burst through the front door - not her usual arriving-home form of greeting - shouting (would you believe), “Don’t stop me! I’m on a mission”. She almost broke into a run as she headed straight for our study, grabbed a pen and began to write furiously on the first piece of paper she could find. She then, with a “I will explain later”, ran back out the front door and into the night. Now I must add here that prior to watching Adrian’s message, I had prayed that I might receive the Spirit of Christ in a greater measure (New moon, Feast of Trumpets).  I believed that my Father would hear and answer my plea. 

But my wife’s behaviour, where did this fit in? What was going on here? Strange indeed. I was able to pick up from where I had left Adrian’s message only to be interrupted again with Suzanne returning. She was filled with ANGER. How could this “IDIOT" drive his big SUV over, and then park on, a newly planted lawn (in our Retirement Village)? It had recently rained and now this “CLOWN" had left 6” deep furrows in a new lawn planted by the Village gardener. "I left a note under his windscreen wiper", my wife said. "That will "FIX” him”.

I cannot describe the feelings I encountered as a result of my wife sharing all this with me. This much I can say. I felt BLESSED. I KNEW it was an answer to my prayer! How? I realised my wife’s experience was speaking to ME. Now I’m not one to voice anger or lose the plot. If someone cuts me off in traffic, it’s by God’s grace I remain calm. Nevertheless I was overwhelmed by the realisation of how easy it was for me, given the circumstances, to “raise an eyebrow” or “roll the eyes”. No-one, other than me, was aware of my subtle body language. But it was there! You know, it’s by God’s grace that I enjoy fantastic health (I whisper this!). My heart muscle is strong. But alas, the arteries to and from this muscle are lined with the plaque of RESENTMENT, IMPATIENCE, UNFORGIVENESS. I am offended too easily. Oh, how I need my Great Physician to heal me. And, I believe He will.

I share this experience not with an accusatory tone towards my dear wife. The Lord used her as a conduit to reach me!  And reach me He did. I praise God for His wondrous ways. For His love. His mercy and grace. I so much want to be a living stone in the temple of God by learning how to fully surrender and reflect His character by beholding Jesus moment by moment. Don’t stop me. I’m on a mission!!