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Faith of Yahushua III

Posted Sep 14, 2012 by George Kerr in The Son of God
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If you were a descendent of Abraham you would have learned from your mother's knee the hope of the coming Messiah. This hope had been in the heart of Adam and Eve, Noah and his wife and every Hebrew family since the establishment of the nation in the crossroads of the know world.  Every household had been effected by the firstborn’s life being spared at the time of the Passover in Egypt due to blood being placed on the lintel and side posts of the home (Exodus 12:22). The living lesson which had brought about the deliverance of Israel was for each family member to have faith in the shed blood of the lamb.  Thus they learned the lesson of Atonement from a very early age. The first four pillars were laid on the bedrock of the hope of the coming Messiah. The fact that the 3 wise men were given the specific answers to the fulfillment of this prophecy are evidence of this. These men typify the contemporary believer who is searching his/her Scriptures to catch a glimpse of the second return of the Messiah, not as a suffering Messiah but as a conquering king.


As I meditate on this photo I am aware of one glaring reality. It is the Cross which stands out in front of all of the pillars. As I have viewed ancient ruins where the pillars were still standing I have wondered what those pillars held up? It is the promise made regarding the Atonement which is the beginning of the platform construct. As we consider the Cross our mind is opened to the reality of the love demonstrated there by both the Father and His Son on my behalf. It is the unmerited favor that enables me to breath and have life which flows from that historical focal point. It was Yahushua’s faith that took Him to Calvary’s Cross and in turn it is this faith that He freely offers to us. There are four Scripture texts which are profound regarding the Faith of Yahushua. They are as follows:

  1. Romans 3:22  Even the righteousness of YHWH which is by faith of Yahushua the Messiah unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:
  2. Galatians 2:16  Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Yahushua the Messiah, even we have believed in Yahushua the Messiah, that we might be justified by the faith of the Messiah, and not by the works of the law: for by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.
  3. Galatians 3:22  But the scripture hath concluded all under sin, that the promise by faith of Yahushua the Messiah might be given to them that believe.
  4. Revelation 14:12  Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Yahushua.

It is His faith which will carry us onto His platform of truth. Praise YHWH.   GCK

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